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The Velocity/Arm Care program is designed to give the athlete a holistic approach to his/her (year round) throwing program.  This program allows our athletes to incorporate the right training protocols for injury prevention; while also allowing for increase in velocity.  This step-by-step program will outline each athletes week whether you are a position player or pitcher! 


KSP offers sport specific training no matter what the sport!   We currently have and train the following sport disciplines: Reigning (horseback riding), HS female wrestling, baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, all the way up to professional baseball players and MotoX riders!  All of our athlete's go through an assessment process in order to understand where their unique strengths and weaknesses, therefore we can properly diagnose and train these athlete's to perform at the highest level!  


The High School lifting program is designed for all athletes/students from ages 13-18.  This class takes a holistic approach to developing strength, conditioning, speed, agility, coordination, and injury prevention.  If you or your child are frustrated with current fitness goals, opportunities, or environment; then KSP may be able to help.  All athletes and non-athletes can request an assessment and designed pre-hab work in order to achieve their goals. Let's make fitness fun again for your child and keep them healthy for a lifetime!      


The JV lift class is designed for athletes 9-12 years old. This class is programmed to teach these young athletes proper form for lifting weights in order to progress to our High School lifting program. This class uses all the basic and functional movements including speed and agility training!  We incorporate team building games to keep the training fun for each athlete but also keep an accountability factor!


If you're that person that still feels a little intimidation in the gym we have the perfect fix for you.  By allowing you the opportunity to train during off-peak times this keeps your sessions more intimate with the trainer and will allow you to relax and enjoy your journey to a new you!  Let us help you be the next success story not only for our page but the rest of your life!  

KSP offers skill set lessons on hitting, pitching, and fielding.  We pride ourselves on evaluating each athlete individually while making sure they understand the foundational importance of the mechanics. KSP does not just take a mechanical approach; we blend in biomechanics and how the body moves efficiently in order to generate more rotational speed which produces more power whether you're hitting or pitching!  See appointment schedule below to get signed up!  


By appointment only!


If you’re a competitive athlete and you’ve never had a sport-specific performance assessment done, you’re probably underperforming in your sport.

Why should you get a performance assessment?

  First of all, it provides a very accurate benchmark of training fitness that allows you or your coach to determine heart rate, lactate threshold and power training zones.

Secondly, it identifies your areas of strength and weaknesses that may need to be developed.

  And, thirdly, repeat testing provides valuable evidence of improved performance and quantifies your potential to improve; these tests also allow precise analysis of the physiological changes that happen to you as you exercise, which will enable your coach to target strength and weaknesses.

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